What is “Hunting with Eagles”?

This tradition was brought to the Mongolian steppes by the Kazakhs, who are one of the largest ethnic minorities in Mongolia.

Local people call eagle hunters Berkutchi. Berkutchi is a man who hunts with eagles, most often with the largest – golden eagles. The skill of hunting a golden eagle is a true art and hard work. After all, you need not just get along with the bird and tame it, you must become one with it. Berkutchi has a special philosophy. They live in remote places hundreds of kilometers from civilization, carefully preserve their traditions and pass them on from generation to generation.

Golden eagle is a strong bird with a large wingspan, powerful beak and tenacious claws. The plumage of gold on its neck and nape gives this bird the name golden eagle.

Now there are only 250 to 300 golden eagle hunters left that transmit traditions through generations.

A tour itinerary for Hunting with eagle

Arrive in Ulgii and after meeting your driver and guide at the airport you will drive directly to eagle hunters’ family. You will meet an eagle hunter.

You will follow eagle hunter by horse or it is also optional that you can follow eagle hunter by van or jeep. Learn about eagle hunting, experience nomadic life, visit different nomadic families, learn horse riding, make eagle fly from your arm, or also make eagle land on your arm.

In the morning after breakfast you can do short riding or hiking around. By noon you will need to say goodbye to eagle hunter that was hosting you. You will drive back to Ulgii town and transferred to your Hotel room where you can have a hot shower. Later that day you will visit the local museum and at the end of the day, you will enjoy your dinner with the Kazakh traditional folk concert.

At the Morning your driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to local airport. In Ulaanbaatar your guide in Ulaanbaatar will meet you up and take you to your Hotel room.

What do I expect to see during the tour Hunting with Eagles?

  • Authentic nomadic life
  • Visit real Eagle hunter’s place
  • Visit real eagle hunter
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Experience local culture
  • Meet Shamans
  • Beautiful nature
  • Horse riding
  • Experience local music
  • Visit historical places
  • Beautiful and pure lakes & Rivers
  • Land of great Chinggis Khan
  • Real Eagle Hunting experience

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