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Mongolia tours, Mongolia travel, or Mongolia tour agency. Our local travel agent here can help you plan and book your trip to Mongolia, whether you’re on a budget or wish to experience a luxury holiday. Travel agent “Way To Mongolia” is owned and operated by a local expert guide B.Baldyrgan who has been working with inbound tourists for many years.

When you are planning your Mongolian vacation let a Mongolian local travel agent assist you with your holiday. We can offer you online personalized itinerary planning and reservation service, where you will receive a customized itinerary that represents your specifications and budget requirements at rates cheaper than what you can book yourself.

If you are looking for a vacation package we can assist you with one of our many guided tours that cover a variety of styles and prices. We also have a large selection of trekking or hiking itineraries and fantastic deals of tour guides and van rentals. We have great deals on a variety of accommodation options throughout all over Mongolia, as well as being wholesale agents for all the main hotel chains

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Mongolia, a land of mystique and wonder, beckons with its captivating blend of natural beauty, ancient traditions, and a vibrant nomadic lifestyle. Here, expansive landscapes stretch as far as the eye can see, with rolling steppes, rugged mountains, and the vastness of the Gobi Desert.

Immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness, where nomadic herders still roam the vast plains, tending to their livestock and living in traditional ger tents. As you traverse this enchanting country, discover the deep-rooted traditions and customs that have shaped Mongolia’s identity.

Experience the warm hospitality of nomadic families, who graciously welcome visitors into their homes, sharing stories and traditions passed down through generations. Savor the flavors of traditional Mongolian cuisine, from hearty meat dishes to refreshing dairy products like airag (fermented mare’s milk). Indulge your adventurous spirit by embarking on horseback riding expeditions through dramatic valleys, galloping across the steppe alongside local herders.

Marvel at the sight of ancient petroglyphs etched into rocky outcrops, offering a window into Mongolia’s rich history and connection to its natural surroundings. In the night sky, witness the brilliance of the stars illuminating the vast expanse, far from the glow of city lights. Experience the tranquility and silence of the nomadic life, where time seems to slow down, allowing you to appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of the land and its people.

Whether it’s exploring the fascinating capital of Ulaanbaatar, visiting ancient monasteries steeped in spirituality, or venturing into the wilderness to encounter rare wildlife, Mongolia promises a journey of discovery and awe-inspiring beauty. Prepare to be captivated by the boundless horizons, the nomadic spirit, and the timeless charm that make Mongolia a truly unique destination.

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“Way to Mongolia” is a Mongolian Travel agency than can be your one-stop-shop for all your Mongolia touring package needs. Enjoy all the advantages of planning your Mongolian experience with help from a team with a long history of showing travelers around Mongolia and creating magical memories.

Our local Mongolian travel agency Established in 2012, As a family-run tour company “Way to Mongolia,” has been running from home, we are your best choice when it comes to trekking, hiking, horse riding and discovery touring around Mongolia. Our extensive range of customizable tours reflect 10 years of experience of tour development and trip planning experience and cater to every traveler’s needs.

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