Choosing the best transport for your tour in Mongolia is a very important part when you are planning your trip to Mongolia. Normally there are not many options. Mongolian land is large and many touristic destinations and attractions are located at far distances from each other. If you are planning a trip for 7 days you will need to drive at least 3-4 hours a day to be on the next destinations.

The most common van for tours in Mongolia is a Russian-made UAZ (Bukhanka). This van can easily access any off-road destinations and any driver in Mongolia know how to fix it. Because of its large roominess inside you can fit there all your bags and camping equipment. Also, there will be left enough sits for your whole team. It is not comfortable inside but it looks unique and retro.

Japanize transports such as Land Cruisers, and minivans like Alphard are also commonly used. Although those are pretty expensive for hiring and can’t access some parts of national parks.