Trekking in Mongolia

Mongolia, especially the Altai mountains area, is truly one of the most beautiful countries on earth, and if you would like to check it out yourself well, here are a few good reasons to consider jetting off to Mongolia on your next hiking adventure.

Tramping and trekking in Mongolia are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason.

Only the best of western Mongolia

  • Firstly, Mongolia has the Altai mountain range which is a chain of mountains starting from the Gobi Desert and continues all over western Mongolia and ending up in Russia.
  • Secondly, Mongolia has huge glaciers and yes, you can hike around them!
  • Third, Western Mongolia also features its unusual tradition such as Golden Eagle hunting and Golden Eagle training.
  • This provides some of Mongolia’s best hikes throughout Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

A tour itinerary for “Trekking in Mongolia”

1st Day
Arrive in Ulgii & Tsagaan gol
Aq Gol Basy means “Beginning of White river”. This is the most beautiful valley where many local Tuvan families spend their summer.
2nd Day
Hiking to Potaninii glacier
After a good breakfast of the Morning. You will chill around while local Tuvans will come with their horses and camels. Your baggage will be carried by camels and you will go trekking towards Potanini glacier side. After lunch, you will have time to hike on the glacier as well.
3rd Day
Hiking up to Malchin peak
Tavan Bogd means 5 kings or 5 holly peaks of the Altai Mountains. Malchin peak is one of those 5 peaks. Malchin Uul is one of the easily accessible peaks so you will have a chance to be on the top of the high mountains of Mongolia. The top of Malchin Uul is over 4,000 meters from sea level. Today you will spend time hiking on Malchin uul.
4th Day
Trekking back to Tsagaan gol valley
After two nights near the glacier and Malchin Uul you will trek back to the same camping spot as on the first day near Tuvan nomads. You can visit Tuvan nomads, meet their lifestyle, and learn more about nomadic traditions.
5th Day
Trekking to Khar salaa valley
In the morning you will take a different direction for trekking. Khar Salaa valley is another beautiful camp with nomadic life around it and an Altai mountain background.
6th Day
Trekking to bear valley through Tahilt
Today you will pass “Tahiltiin Davaa”. This is the peak of adventure with a high mountain pass and many waterfalls around. This is a long and most beautiful part of the whole itinerary. You will camp next to a huge river.
7th Day
Trekking to Ak-su valley
You will come out of the valley on your way by passing some beautiful lakes. At the end of the day you will reach Kazakh nomads that spending summer there. You can visit some of those families and compare Kazakh nomadic lifestyle differences to Tuvan nomadic lifestyle.
8th Day
Drive back to Ulgii town & Eagle hunter
Today morning after you will have breakfast you will drive back to Ulgii town. On your way, you will stop to visit Eagle hunter’s family. Meet eagle hunter. See he already trained Golden Eagle, hold on your arm, you can be busy with photographing. Later that day you will arrive in Ulgii, stay at the local Hotel enjoy your dinner with the Kazakh tradition folk concert.
9th Day
Take flight to Ulaanbaatar city
At the Morning your driver will pick you up from the airport and take you to local airport. In Ulaanbaatar your guide in Ulaanbaatar will meet you up and take you to your Hotel room.


This tour is available from the beginning of July and the whole summer until the middle of September.

What do I expect to see during this trekking tour in Mongolia?

  • Authentic nomadic life
  • Visit real nomadic Yurt
  • Visit real eagle hunter
  • Hiking & Trekking
  • Experience local culture
  • Meet Shamans
  • Beautiful nature
  • Horse riding
  • Experience local music
  • Hike on Potanini glacier
  • Visit historical places
  • Beautiful and pure lakes
  • Huge rivers
  • Land of great Chinggis Khan

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