Tailor-made tours in Mongolia

Each year reveals a new experience, whether you drive a hire car, take the train, fly between the provinces or dovetail one of our Small Group Journeys with a tailor-made Mongolian holiday. Our team at Way to Mongolia will work with you to create an amazing, unique experience in Mongolia, all within your budget.

Our itineraries on our website are just a guide and summarise our favorite places, sights, and experiences in Mongolia. Any or all of them may be enjoyed as part of your tailor-made holiday. So browse our recommendations, highlight places you want to visit and things you want to do, and get in touch with us.

Together we can create an unforgettable visit to Mongolia that’s totally unique to you.

What is a tailor-made holiday?

A tailor-made holiday is a holiday designed entirely around you. Our friendly, experienced team will work with you to understand where in Mongolia you’re most interested in visiting and then plan a holiday itinerary that’s perfect for you. Of course, we’ll also use our extensive knowledge of Mongolia to suggest some hidden gems along the way that we think you’ll love, which you may wish to include – ensuring you have a truly unforgettable trip.

Differences between Tailor-made Holidays and Package Holidays

The difference between a tailor-made holiday and a package holiday is the flexibility. A package holiday has been designed by holiday experts to appeal to most travelers. It will generally involve set flights, hotels, and activities all wrapped up in a single price. Everything in a package holiday is predetermined, you just pay, and turn up.

We have a range of tailor-made holiday packages that can be customized around you, as well as completely bespoke holidays that can be built from the ground up based purely on your needs and wants. Many customers prefer a tailored holiday package, such as our team, as it gives you a great starting point which we can then change and tweak to create your perfect holiday.

Top tour packages in Mongolia