The Tsambagarav is another stunning mountain of Altai mountain range. This lovely snow covered mountain located just between Bayan-Olgii and Khovd province in western Mongolia. This has been unconquerable summit for local nomads in the past centuries and owns many legends about beople who were trying to reach its peak. But not today as local nomads were climbing without any rope and any equipment. But today Tsambagarav mountain is one of the must visit peaks for many locals and international mountain lovers.

Besides climbing adventures, around Tsambagarav mountain you will enjoy visiting many local nomadic families that surrounding and also mysterious nomadic culture.

It has two peaks, its highest peak Tsast Uul has an elevation of 4,193 metres (13,757 ft) and another peak same named Tsambagarav (48.655196,90.847063). This is regional sacred mountain in Mongolia.

tsambagarav national park

What is the best time to travel to Tsambagarav national park?

The best time to travel to Tsanbafarav mountain is mid-June and late August. That is the best destination for photographers, trekkers, horse riders, and mountaineers.

The area offers another beautiful activity called Eagle hunting with local nomads living around this area. The best time for eagle hunting activities is starting from the middle of September to the end of March.

What Kind of animals in Tsambagarav national park?

Endangered species; Argali, Ibex, Snow Leopard, Rock Ptarmigan, and Altai Snow Sheep live there. Although not all of them are easy to find, especially snow leopards. The Altai subspecies of Argali sheep are found in Tsambagarav Mountains. That was the largest wild sheep in the world. An adult male ram weighs more than 35 kg.