Situated near the road, the Uran Togoo extinct volcano spans from Bulgan town to Moron, the administrative city of Khuvsgul province, for a distance of 80 kilometers northwest of Bulgan town, passing through the territory of Kutag-Undur Soum. Covering a land area of 8 square kilometers, the reserve boasts an elevation of 1,686 meters above sea level.

Since 1965, this remarkable site has been under protection and now holds the prestigious title of “Natural Monument.” At the summit of the dormant volcano lies a crater measuring 500 to 600 meters wide and 50 meters deep, with a small “crater lake” about 20 meters in diameter nestled within. Lush green forests adorn the center of the Crater Lake, creating a picturesque scene.

Uran Togoo is a captivating mountain teeming with wildlife such as red deer, Argali sheep, wild boar, Siberian Ibex, Ruddy Shelduck, and various species of ducks.