Mongolian visa

How to get a Mongolian visa?

How to get a Mongolian visa? Since Mongolia is becoming one of the popular destinations in the world, the number of people who want to visit Mongolia is increasing. Every year around 411 thousand travelers visit Mongolia.

Apply for a Mongolian Visa?

According to the normal process, you will need to visit the Mongolian embassy in your country, if there is no Mongolian embassy in your country you may visit the Mongolian embassy located in the nearest country for your location. Most countries have the Embassy of Mongolia. Usually, it is easy to get a Mongolian VISA for all types of travelers.

Mongolian visa

Mongolian VISAS types

Tourist (J) visa with a single entry for up to 30 days
Business (B) or Official (A) visa
Family visit or Private invitation (H) visa
Transit visa
International organization (OU) visa
Investors(I) visa
Employment(HG) visa
Students(S) visa
Religious organization (SH) visa
Migrates(TS) visa

How many VISAS-free countries to Mongolia?

Nationals of those countries which have concluded visa exemption agreements with Mongolia, arrangement for diplomatic and official passport holders are not required to obtain a visa if the intended period of the visit is not beyond the period allowed under such arrangements. For more information regarding the list of visa-free countries are:

The up to 90days free-visa countries:

USA, Brazil, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Serbia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Laos, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Slovakia, Vietnam,

The up to 30days free-visa countries:

Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Cambodia, Colombia, DPRK, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Myanmar, Republic of Korea, Romania.

The up to 21days free-visa countries:

Philippines, The up to 14days free-visa countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, Brunei

Approximate costs of Mongolian VISAS

  • Entry Visa: single -$23, double – $35
  • In USA: Single entry visa – $60.00; Double entry visa – $80.00
  • Entry-Exit visa: single -$23, double – $35
  • Transit Visa: single -$15, double – $30, multiple- $40
  • Multiple Entry-Exit Visa: 6 months-$53, 1 year-$105
  • Visa Extension: Up to 7 days- $12, More than 7 days -$20
  • “A”, “O”, “B”, “S”, “J” -$160
  • HG”, “SH – $190
  • “H” – $230
  • T”- $270
  • “TS”- $230
  • Foreigner who married to a Mongolian Citizen – $240
  • For the transfer visas and classification to replace – $160