Exploring Mongolia: A Guide to Unforgettable Adventures

Mongolia offers a raw and authentic travel experience, far from the glitz and glamour. The country’s rugged landscapes and spirit of adventure make it a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Despite its untamed nature, Mongolia is renowned for its safety, earning it a spot as a must-visit destination this year.

What to Expect on a Mongolia Tour:

Mongolian tours are not your typical stationary vacations. Each day brings new explorations as you move from one captivating location to the next. From jeep safaris in the Gobi Desert to immersing yourself in nomadic life through hiking and trekking in western and northern Mongolia, the options for adventure are endless.

Planning Your Mongolia Adventure:

Before your visit, it’s important to note that Mongolia’s infrastructure outside of Ulaanbaatar is limited. Don’t expect modern luxuries like flash toilets or high-end hotels. During Gobi Desert tours, traditional Ger camp lodgings offer a taste of nomadic life, complete with communal shower facilities. For a touch of luxury, opt for Gers with attached bathrooms, though this comes at a premium.

Accommodations in Remote Regions:

In western Mongolian Altai Mountains or northern Mongolia, trekking tours often involve camping in tents with basic facilities. Nature serves as your restroom, as underground toilets are typically prohibited by national park regulations.

Elsen tasarkhai
Elsen tasarkhai

Culinary Delights of Mongolia:

Mongolian cuisine centers around meat, reflecting the nomadic lifestyle and the need for high-calorie meals. Vegetarians and vegans may find it challenging to accommodate their dietary preferences in Mongolia, where meat is a staple in every dish.

How to tour in Mongolia?

Embrace the simplicity of Mongolian life, connect with nature, and embark on a journey that will redefine your sense of adventure. Are you ready to explore the untouched beauty of Mongolia?

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