Find out the best tour for you starting from Ulaanbaatar city:

If you’re looking for tours near Ulaanbaatar, there are several options that allow you to explore the beautiful landscapes and cultural highlights close to the capital city. Here are a few popular tour destinations near Ulaanbaatar:

Terelj National Park: Located just 70 kilometers (43 miles) from Ulaanbaatar, Terelj National Park is a picturesque escape into nature. This park offers stunning rock formations, verdant valleys, and opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and visiting nomadic families.

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park: Situated in the Khentii Mountains, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is another fantastic option for a day trip from Ulaanbaatar. You can explore its lush valleys, visit the famous Turtle Rock, and even stay overnight in a traditional ger camp to fully immerse yourself in the Mongolian nomadic experience.

Hustai National Park: Approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) west of Ulaanbaatar, Hustai National Park is renowned for its successful reintroduction of the Przewalski’s horse, also known as takhi or wild horse. You can join guided tours to observe these rare and magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Manzushir Monastery: Located in the Bogd Khan Mountain range, near the southern outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Manzushir Monastery offers a glimpse into Mongolia’s Buddhist culture. The monastery ruins and surrounding hiking trails make for a fascinating and tranquil experience.

Khustain Nuruu National Park: Known as Khustai National Park until 2019, this park is situated about 100 kilometers (62 miles) southwest of Ulaanbaatar. It is home to the wild Przewalski’s horse, and visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and camping in this beautiful wilderness.

Short tour program for tour from Ulaanbaatar:

Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and our team will meet you up at the airport and drive directly to your hotel. After few hours you will meet your guide again and do city tour in Ulaanbaatar. Visit Zaisan hill where you will have the best view of Ulaanbaatar city. Visit Gandan monastery and local museum.

Meet your team at your Hotel. Heading towards Terelj national park. Visit the turtle rock (Turtle Rock, ”Melkhii Khad”, is a surprising granitic formation, 24 metres (79 feet) high, whose form reminds of a turtle. Its old name was Mungut Khad.) Do short stop there for photographing and drive further to visit Aryabal meditation center. Aryabal meditation center is a Buddhist temple located among Terelj national park hills where you can get the best view to the national park. Later you will have lunch and stay in traditional styled Ger (Yurt) camps. Optional activities for this evening are horse riding or camel riding.

After your delicious breakfast at your Ger we will head to Tsonjin Boldog where we will visit massif Chinggis Khan’s statue. This is not just a statue it is complex that towering on its 40meters. You can visit inside where small museum about 13th century in Mongolia. You can try Mongolian traditional clothing, see huge boot and following steps be on the top of horse head. Same day drive back to Ulaanbaatar and on your way visit open market Naran Tuul, etc. Later you will be transferred to your hotel.

At the morning meet your guide and driver and head to west of Ulaanbaatar. On your way you will visit Elsen Tasarkhai semi gobi desert. Elsen Tasarkhai is one of easy accessible sand dunes located 240km west from Ulaanbaatar. You can do hiking on dunes also here you can do camel riding on dunes as well. After your lunch near this spot we will continue driving towards west to Kharkhorum city. Kharkhorum is an ancient capital of Mongol empire. Kharakhorum, founded in 1220 by Chinghis khan, was not only the capital of the vast Mongolian Empire, but the epic center of trade along Silk Road, and a cultural melting pot bridging east and west. We will visit Kharkhorum museum and Erdene zuu monastery that was built on ruins of Kharkhorum city. Stay at the Hotel in Kharakhorum village.

At the morning we will start driving back to Ulaanbaatar. On our way we will visit Khustain nuruu national park. The park was created as a place for the Takhi (Przewalski Horse) to be re-introduced back into Mongolia in 1992, where it had become extinct in the wild. We will do off-road in the national park to spot wild horses. We will have lunch in the at the gate of the park and continue driving back to Ulaanbaatar and when we will reach the city you will be transferred to your Hotel.

The end of the tour. Our team can take you to the international airport if you have time planned to depart from Mongolia

Tour costs:
2 people


4 people


6 people


Price includes
  • Van with driver + Gasoline
  • Interpreter guide (English)
  • Hotel nights
  • Staying in the Ger camps
  • All national park permits and fees
  • All meals + Restaurants B+L+D
  • Camel riding
  • Horse riding