With its exquisite collection of paintings, carvings, and sculptures, this fine-arts museum is a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces. Among its esteemed works are creations by the renowned sculptor and artist, Zanabazar. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning array of religious exhibits, including scroll thangka and Buddhist statues, showcasing the very best of their kind in Mongolia. Notably, English captions accompany most exhibits, complemented by a comprehensive audio guide.

Marvel at the sculptor’s craftsmanship displayed through remarkable pieces such as the five Dhyani Buddhas, cast in 1683, and the diverse manifestations of Tara. Delight in the vibrant tsam masks, worn during religious ceremonies, and immerse yourself in the intricate paintings depicting nomadic life, such as “One Day in Mongolia” and “The Airag Feast,” masterfully created by the renowned artist B. Sharav.

As you step into the museum, your journey begins with a room on the left, housing ancient art, including Bronze Age deer stones. On the right, a shop awaits, offering souvenirs and contemporary art, should you wish to take a piece of this cultural experience home with you.

The building itself holds historical significance, tracing back to 1905 as one of the oldest Manchu-era commercial buildings in the city. Its storied past includes serving as a Chinese Bank, hosting Soviet troops in the 1920s, and later becoming Ulaanbaatar’s first State Department Store. Since 1966, it has stood proudly as an art museum, preserving and showcasing Mongolia’s rich artistic heritage.