Toson-Khulstai Biosphere Reserve in eastern Mongolia

The grassy steppe, spanning an impressive 469,928 hectares, represents one of the last remaining grasslands on Earth and serves as a vital habitat for the graceful white-tailed gazelles. Since 1998, this nature reserve has been under the steadfast protection of the state.

Primarily focusing on conservation goals, the reserve aims to provide a suitable sanctuary for a vibrant population of 50,000 white-tailed gazelles, while also endeavoring to bolster the numbers of active marmot colonies twofold. Additionally, fostering a viable wolf population and safeguarding the endemic and migratory bird species at the charming lakes and lagoons are paramount objectives.

Toson-Khulstai Biosphere Reserve, Mongolia
Toson-Khulstai Biosphere Reserve, Mongolia

Framing the boundaries of this extraordinary natural haven are portions of the picturesque Dornod and Khentii provinces, rendering a visit to this area a truly serene experience, emblematic of Mongolia’s tranquil spirit. For convenience and accessibility, the southern edge of the reserve is flanked by the well-traveled Khentii and Dornod asphalt road.

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