The 13th century national park is one of Mongolian nine wonder places. It can be a good cultural experience especially for tourists/foreigners. The national park is located 96 km to the east of Ulaanbaatar city (capital of Mongolia) which is only about 2 hours of driving. The museum shows the lifestyle, tradition and culture of Chinggiss Khan’s empire in 13th century. The national park was established and built as a real-time kingdom of the 13th-century style. Visitors can enjoy wearing traditional costumes, learn Mongolian scripts, do short horse and camel riding.

13th century national park in Mongolia
13th century national park in Mongolia

There are six unique camps that introducing Mongolian tradition and culture:

  • Craftsmen’s camp – tourists can see made felt, quilting, embroidery, and embroidery.
  • The library camp – The house with books and scriptures written in Mongolian.
  • The Small herd camp – The tourists can taste the fermented milk, dairy products, riding horses, and camels.
  • Shaman’s camp – This camp includes three Gers that are introducing lifestyles and culture of shamanism.
  • Khaan’s camp (King Camp) – Tourists can enjoy Mongolian foods and drinks, and visit the palaces of the king’s deputy ministers, generals, and queens.
  • Station camp and guard camp – Tourists can take pictures wearing army clothes.
13th century national park in Mongolia
13th century national park in Mongolia

Things to do and enjoy in 13th-century national parks?

  • Horseback riding
  • Enjoy the yearly festival.
  • Visit Gers
  • Participating in Marriages
  • Experiencing sky worship
  • Celebrate Naadam festival
  • Learn how to milk the mare
  • Practice archery
  • camel or yak trekking
  • Hiking
  • Photographing, photo shooting.
  • Camel riding