The best accommodation in Ulgii town in western Mongolia

Ulgii, a quaint town nestled in the western part of Mongolia, has been steadily gaining popularity among locals and foreigners alike as a burgeoning travel destination. With a range of excellent hotels and accommodations offering luxury stays, Ulgii provides the perfect base for exploring the province. Allow us to guide you through the myriad options available for accommodation in Ulgii.

Luxury Hotels in Ulgii (Olgii):

  • Mediana Hotel
  • Dostyk Hotel
  • Tsambagarav Hotel
  • Hotel in Ulgii
Hotel in Ulgii

These prestigious hotels are strategically situated at the heart of Ulgii town, all housed within a single building despite being independently owned. Representing the pinnacle of modernity and luxury in Ulgii, these establishments were constructed in 2019 to cater to discerning guests seeking a lavish experience.

Hotel in Ulgii

Hotel in Ulgii:
Makhsum Center

Managed by the proprietor of a reputable inbound tour agency with extensive experience in hosting foreign visitors, Makhsum Center promises top-notch service and essential amenities in a recently established setting.

Hotel in Ulgii

In addition to these options, older hotels scattered throughout Ulgii offer more budget-friendly accommodations, although the standard of service may not meet your expectations. While these establishments may resemble hostels or motels rather than traditional hotels, they can serve as a fallback choice when other options are unavailable.

For a truly authentic experience, we recommend immersing yourself in Mongolian culture by staying in Ger Camps, traditional nomadic yurts that offer a unique glimpse into the local way of life. Ulgii boasts a variety of Ger Camp options for those seeking a more immersive and traditional lodging experience.

Should you require further assistance or detailed information on accommodation options in Mongolia, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to help you plan a memorable and comfortable stay in Ulgii and beyond.