Horse riding in Mongolia is one of the popular tour activites in Mongolia for tourists. Every horseman has a romantic fantasy that to gallop on Mongolian steppes with Mongolian horses. Many nomadic families in Mongolia have developed horse trails by cooperating with Mongolian tour operators that suitable for tourist riding. Longer horse trekking tours are available in Altai Tavan Bogd national park. If you are looking for a horse riding for few hours than Terelj national park would be the best option.

July and August are the busy months, so you are better off arranging in advance before the peak seasons.

Renting cost per horses:

The basic cost for renting a horse is around $10-$20 per day. You also pay for the guide about the same.

Horse riding regions:

Altai Tavan Bogd national park: Probably the best place for doing a horse riding tours in Mongolia. Altai mountains are located in Byan-Ulgii province which is western most part of Mongolia.

Khuvsgul lake: this is freshwater lake located in northern part of Mongolia. You can ride horses along the lake or up on the hills you may ride a reindeers where many Tsatan nomads live.

Terelj national park: this national park located just about20-30 miles northwest of Ulaanbaatar city. There are many Ger camps and hotels where you can rent a horses for hours.

Kharakhorn: four hours of driving to west from Ulaanbaatar. It had been capital of Mongol empire in middle ages.

Zavkhan province: one of western provinces where they offer longer horse riding tours.

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