All you need to know about Mongolian tour operators

Mongolia continues to gain recognition as a top destination for untouched travel experiences. When planning a trip to Mongolia, one of the first considerations is which tour operator to choose.

There are numerous tour operators in Mongolia, as well as international tour agencies offering trips to Mongolia. Here’s how it typically works: you may select a travel agent in your home country, who will then connect you with local tour operators in Mongolia or its provinces. This process often involves dividing your budget multiple times before it reaches the actual guides who will serve and assist you.

A better approach would be to conduct some research online and directly engage with the local community and guides. By finding your own local guide, you can ensure a more personalized and authentic adventure tour in Mongolia.

Most guides and tour operators in Mongolia now have websites, even if they may not appear on the first page of a Google search. Here’s a tip for conducting local research on tours in Mongolia: as the international airport is located in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city, it is convenient to choose a tour operator based there if you plan to explore the Gobi Desert or other central parts of Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar also offers various optional sightseeing and nearby complexes.

However, if you’re interested in trekking tours, eagle hunting tours, or visiting Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, we highly recommend choosing a guide from western Mongolia. Local guides possess a deep understanding of the region’s community, culture, and terrain, enhancing your exploration and providing the best possible experience.

By involving local guides and operators, you’ll have a unique opportunity to engage with Mongolia’s rich heritage, enjoy its pristine landscapes, and embrace an unforgettable journey.

Mongolian tour operators