Year after year Mongolia is becoming one of the top untouched destinations in the world. When you decide to travel to Mongolia, the first question that will come to your mind is what tour operator to choose?

There are many tour operators in Mongolia and also there are many tour agencies in the world that offer you tours to Mongolia. Let me tell you how it works. You want to travel to Mongolia and you will choose a travel agent in your country, but the travel agent in your country will send you to locally known tour operators in Mongolia or Mongolian provinces. In that case, your budget will be divided into 3 or 4 to finally reach real guides who will serve you and care for you.

Why don’t you make little research on the internet and try to make a deal only with the local community and guides? Finding your local guide by yourself will be the best beginning of your adventure tour in Mongolia.

Nowadays almost every single guide or tour operators own a website. Maybe they are not popular on the internet and you may not find them on the first request on google, but I am here to give you a tip on how you can do local research for tours in Mongolia.

Ulaanbaatar is the only city where is an international airport in the whole of Mongolia. If you want to make tours to the Gobi desert and other central parts of Mongolia it is fine to choose one of the tour operators from Ulaanbaatar. There are many optional sightseeing and complexes near Ulaanbaatar as well.

If you want to do trekking tours, eagle hunting tours, or visit Altai Tavan Bogd national parks we do recommend you to choose someone who is from western Mongolia. Local guides know the local community, culture, and land very well so it would be easier for you to explore or experience the area in its best way.

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