For centuries the Reindeer herders have survived tucked into the forests of Northern Mongolia, isolated from society and surrounded by their faithful herd of reindeer. Reindeer herders locally named as Tsaatan population. They are another ethnic group in Mongolia such as Dorvod, Uriankhai, Tuva and Khazakhs (Qazaq).

Another name of these are is taiga. The Tiga refers to a vast Siberian forest that spills over the Russian border into Mongolia. The most famous part of the Mongolian Tiga is Lake Khuvsgul.

Besides Mongolia, in how many other countries do Reindeer herders live?

Reindeer herding has split into 9 countries; Mongolia, China, Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Greenland, Alaska.

reindeer herders of Mongolia

What is the main income of Reindeer Herders?

Reindeers are milked daily. providing the staple component of the Tsaatan diet largely consisting of reindeer dairy products. Naturally shed antlers used to carve tools and make handicrafts that are sold to tourists a recent but increasingly significant shadow economy for the community.

The best transportation is the use of deer in the Tsaatan system. The reindeers ride during nomadic moves, every 2-10 weeks. They are the best animals for transportation in the high mountain, road-less taiga. A single reindeer can go up to 60 kilos of weight, depending on household stuff, personal items, and riders.

How many years do Reindeer live?

Reindeer can live 20 years, consistently on move in the harvest environment. Also thriving in temperature as well as below zero. Tsaatan herders always moved to cold places to live in every season.

The colors of reindeers are Grey and white.

What things to do in Taiga?

Tourists like to stay in Tsaatan camp then ride reindeer. Visitors experience and exchange cultures. Visitors can see Tsaatan’s daily life. The special tent that they live in is called Ortz.

Also, it is always interesting to see how Tsaatan people making cheese, and milking reindeer every day. Besides, Taiga is the best place to hike. Many people love to visit Taiga.