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Kharakhorum the ancient capital of the Mongol empire


The Kharakhorum is a place that related to the long history of Mongolia. This place was the capital city of the Great Mongol Empire since Chinggis Khaan founded this city in 1220. Later son of Chinggis Khan moved the city to the south that now developed as Beijing (capital of China).


The Kharakhorum has situated 360 km from Ulaanbaatar city in Uvurkhangai province. This place was one of the must-stop cities in the history of the Silk Road. Of course, The Great Mongol Empire was governed by Kharakhorum city.

Kharakhorin town was registered to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site as a part of Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. That place was a safe, peaceful, stable situation under Mongolian rule.