Khoton Lake is a freshwater lake in Altan Tavan Bogd National park in Bayan-Ulgii Province (western Mongolia). It is near the Chinese border. Khoton And Khurgan lakes have long and relaxing views of happy nomadic life that lives during the summer surrounding these two lakes.

The Khoton lake is 22 km long, 4 km wide, surface area 50 km2, altitude 2084 m above the sea level, average depth 26.8 m and 58 m at its deepest. When you travel to the Altai Mountains in Mongolia, travelers see the beautiful nature. Lake Khoton has an island covered by forests. Khurgan Lake is the lowest point in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park.

The Khurgan Lake is 23.3 km long, 6 km wide, surface area 71 km2, altitude 2072 m above the sea level, average depth 7.8 m, and 28 m at its deepest. The local nomads include the Eagle hunters as well.

The Kazakh people live there for hundreds of years in some cases.

Khoton lake

What things to do in Khoton & Khurgan Lakes?

  • Fishing (home to several types of fishes)
  • Bird watching (home to many species of birds)
  • One of the best spot for hiking and trekking activities
  • Horse riding
  • Visit nomadic family meet their culture
  • See ancient Turkic era stones, tombs, burial mounds, and rock drawings