“Yolyn Am” is one of the nine wonders of Umnugobi province, located in the eastern part of “Gobi Gurvan Saikhan national park”, a continuation of the Altai mountain range. The part is southern Mongolia. Yolyn Am is a protected area. The name of the Yolyn Am comes from the huge Bird locally named Yol.

A Mongolian protected Yol bird found only in Central Asia, which a rare bird that lives at an altitude of 1500-3000 meters. The back is bluish-yellow, the abdomen is pale, and the mustache is below the chin. It builds its nests at an altitude of higher than 1,700 meters and usually lays two eggs in February. It feeds on animal carcasses. They don’t attack or kill animals by themselves.

yolyn am canyon
Yolyn am | Yol valley canyon

There is a river called Zuun Aikhan that is a narrow gorge of the river that flows through the northeast. A small stream flows through the crayon and has covered with ice in winter. The ice stays there all year round. In recent years most of the ice melted because of global warming. There are many beautiful, exciting places with eternal shade from the sun, so fresh, winter-like air flows through the gorge. The sky looks like only a narrow blue stripe. Some rock walls are steep up to 200 meters high.

What you will expect to see or do there?

Siberian ibex, Argalis, Tiny beautiful birds, A very cautious bird, Wild Bearded vultures, Rare Vegetation, See Mammals sheep, Visit Museum, Hiking through the valley of Yolyn Am will be your priority.