It is the most famous canyon of the Gobi desert. From a distance, it looks like the ruins of a big city. It is the most legendary place in terms of color and contrast, as this deep valley was formed thousands of years ago due to the erosion of water and air.

The first dinosaur skeleton was found in that place. Scientists agree that dinosaurs lived around 200 million years ago. Besides, it’s not unusual to find some in the here. The discovery of ancient dinosaurs, mammals, insects, birds, turtles, crocodiles, lake animals, and many plants confirms that the Mongolian Gobi is one of the most dinosaur-rich areas the world. Khermen Tsav is famous for its beautiful nature, and its bountiful underground fossils of dinosaurs.

khermen tsav

The magnificent Khermen Tsav rock formation locates

400-450km From Dalanzadgad (248,55 miles)
250km from Khongor Sand Dunes
120km northeast of Gurvan Tes town, Umnugobi Province,
960km southeast of Ulaanbaatar