Dog sledding tours in Mongolia offer a unique and thrilling way to explore the winter landscapes and experience the nomadic traditions of the region. Here’s how a dog sledding tour works in Mongolia:

Tips you must know before doing dog sled in Mongolia

  1. Tour Operators: There are tour operators in Mongolia that specialize in dog sledding tours, particularly in regions with suitable snow conditions like Terelj National Park or Khovsgol Lake. These tour operators provide trained sled dogs, experienced guides, and equipment for the adventure.
  2. Training and Instructions: Before embarking on a dog sledding tour, participants typically receive instructions on how to drive a dog sled, as well as safety guidelines and commands for working with the sled dogs. The guides will ensure that everyone is comfortable with the sled and the dogs before setting off.
  3. The Sled Dogs: The sled dogs used in Mongolia are typically Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, or other breeds known for their endurance and strength in cold climates. These dogs are well-trained and accustomed to working together as a team to pull the sled.
  4. The Sled Ride: Once everyone is ready, the dog sledding tour begins, with participants seated on the sled while the guide controls the direction and speed of the dogs. The sled dogs navigate the snowy terrain, pulling the sled through the winter landscape as you enjoy the ride and the scenery.
  5. Duration and Routes: Dog sledding tours in Mongolia can vary in duration from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the itinerary and preferences. The routes often traverse snowy forests, frozen lakes, and open fields, providing a picturesque winter adventure.
  6. Cultural Experiences: In addition to dog sledding, some tours may include cultural experiences such as visits to nomadic families, traditional meals, and insights into the nomadic way of life during winter. This offers a well-rounded experience of both adventure and cultural immersion.
  7. Equipment and Gear: Tour operators usually provide all the necessary equipment for dog sledding, including warm clothing, sleds, and dog harnesses. Participants are advised to dress warmly and wear appropriate winter gear for the activity.

Overall, a dog sledding tour in Mongolia offers a memorable and authentic experience exploring the winter wonderland while bonding with the sled dogs and learning about the nomadic culture of the region.

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